TQ GROUP Turkey Partner with our electronic processing module product family with a high-speed processor for your device hardware and software development time is greatly shortened. With our support in software / hardware issues, we help you get your products to the market in the shortest time.

TQ Group

Our Services

We provide hardware design services on a wide range from PowerPC, ARM and Intel based microprocessor to PIC and ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. In our electronic board design we utilize electronic processor modules to shorten the design process considerably. We serve various industrial sectors such as defense, medical and automation with our electronic hardware design services.

We provide embedded software development services on a wide range of architectures such as ARM Cortex-M and PIC based microcontrollers and PowerPC and ARM Cortex-A based microprocessors. We take part in every stage of an embedded software development process. We develop BSPs, embedded Linux applications, QT based GUIs and real-time applications.

With the help of our design partners and engineering team we provide rapid design solutions for industrial sectors suchs medical, defense and automation. Production ready prototypes and related design details for mechanic, electronic hardware and embedded software design are prepared and delivered switfly with coordination of our system engineers.

As TQ Group Turkey partner we provide pre-sale product consultancy as well as hardware and software support oriented towards after-sale and development of the processor modules. With the starter kits, sample schematics and software that we provide we ensure our customers a rapid product development process.

We provide hardware design and embedded software consultancy services in several sectors such as medical devices, defense systems, automation systems etc. on every production development stage. We also provide biomedical systems and biomedical calibration consultancy services with our experienced staff.

Forecr builds Carrier boards for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier SoM modules and Industrial Fanless BOX PCs for Deep Learning, Video Analytics Industrial IOT and Industrial Automation. DSBOX and DSBOARD delivers you a processing platform capable of up to detecting objects and tracking them on 32 Full-HD video streams simultaneously.

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