Hardware Design Services

In hardware design field we develop analog circuits, digital circuits that contain microcontrollers and multi-core high speed processor boards. In our developlent process we bring together fast design, high quality, price optiomization and quick delivery mentalities to help you put your devices on the market as fast possible. We share every step of our development process transparently with our customers and provide essential documents likewise.

Hardware Requirements
Our hardware development process begins with meeting with our customers and deciding on requirements and technologies to be used. In designs that contain high-speed microprocessors we use our electronic processor modules to speed-up the hardware design process considerably.

Schematics Design and BOM (Bill of Materials)

Following the requirement realization process, electronik schematics design process gets underway and BOM (Bill of materials) document is prepared to inform our customer the costs of board production. At this stage, cost and obsolescence optimization is done according to our customer needs and opions, and parts and components to be used are finalized.

PCB Layout Design
With the completion of schematic design, board placement and PCB layout design process begins. According to the material that will be used and board requirements the designed PCBs can be designed to range from 2 layers to multiple layers. At the PCB layout design stage our experienced engineers work minding high speed signal integrity, EMI, EMC and similar factors and provide you with certifiable and ready products.

Prototype Production and Hardware Tests
After the PCB layout design stage, prototype production stage gets underway and PCB production and composition is realized. At this stage prototypes that have been produced are approved by our engineers according the requirements that we had determined with our customers with functional, system, enviromental(temperature, humidity) and EMI EMC compatibility tests. Designs that pass these tests are delivered to our customers with all the documents that have been prepared in previous stages of production.

Serial production services are also provided in line with our customer’s demands. In our electronic hardware designs we use Cadsoft Eagle and Altium Designer programs actively for schematic design and PCB layout design. Other PCB design programs can be used on demand.

Donanım Tasarım

Optimization of Hardware Design

We approach hardware design with optimal design and a perfectionist attitude. Below there are several definitions that can be optimized due to various factors:

DFx – Design for Excellence
DFM – Design for Manufacturing
DFT – Design for Testability
DFL – Design for Longevity
DFR – Design for Reliability / Design for Robustness / Robust Design
DFS – Design for Service
DFE – Design for Environment: RoHS, REACh, EuP, power consumption, recycling,…
DTC/DFC – Design to Cost /Design for Cost effectivity

Technologies Used In Hardware Design

Microcontroller applications 8 – 64 Bit, Multi-Core Microprocessors and DSP (ARM Cortex-M0, ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M4, ARM Cortex-A7, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM Cortex-A9, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Freescale PowerPC QorIQ, Power Architecture, Intel Architecture, 8051, ST7, H8, C16x, M16, MSP430, PIC, ColdFire, DSP; SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, Mobile DDR, Flash, HDD, SSD, industrial NAND-Flash, Power Sequencing; module solutions)

Interfaces, industrial I/O and buses (PCIe, PCI, SATA, PS/2, USB, Firewire, PCMCIA, PCCard, J1850, RapidIO, …; RS232, RS422/485, CAN, DeviceNet, CAN Open, KNX, LON, Ethernet, Sercos, Powerlink, M-Bus, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, …; as a solution kit)

Touch-screen displays and LCD panels (LCD, VFD, STN, TFT, also customer-specific; Touch: resistive, capacitive, multi-touch)
High frequency / Radio frequenct (ISM430, ISM860, ISM2,4G, WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, …)
Signal pickups, signal amplification, signal processing
Optoelectronics, audio ve video technologies (Camera systems, image pickup units, autofocus, digitizer, image preparation, image processing, laser, audio amplifier, spectrometer)
Power electronics / power supply (Switching regulator, power supply units, inverters, charging devices)
Engine controls (DC motors, brushless DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors,…)
Simulation (SPICE, HyperLinx, FDTD)