Electronic Product Developtment

In the context of software, hardware and mechanic desing we provide services as a system-provder and at the same time with the help of our partner’s high quality production facilities we asisst our customers on wide range of stages from prototyping to serial production. As Mist Elektronik we support you from the developing of a product idea to the serial production on every stage of the development process. With our local engineering team and our work partners we provide high quality, on time and price/performance aware solutions to your projects.

Information on our Development Processes
Accordance to industrial, medical, automotive and avionic standards
Superior design experience
Project management
Concept design
Electronic hardware design
Embedded software design
Mechanic design
Layout design
EMC measurument and consultancy
Product qualification
Obsolescence Management
Test product design


Production oriented design
Disclosure about modern technologies to be used in your products
Support for older designs
Right amount of information at the right time
Module oriented design
Advanced support on design and development stages
Cost optimization on design and development stages
Experienced engineer personnel
Modular design mentality (Many modules do not need to be designed again)
Projects are shared transparently with customers in all stages of production

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Project Management
Proje planning: milestone plan, calender, resource planning, quality planning, design and development planning
EN 9100, ISO 13485 compatible project management
Proje follow up: project status, costs, deadlines, quality,certifications
Cost oriented management

Electronic Hardware Design
Microcontroller applications 8 – 64 Bit, multi-core microprocessers and DSP (ARM Cortex-Mx, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM Cortex-A9 ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Power Architecture, Intel Architecture, 8051, ST7, H8, C16x, M16, MSP430, PIC, DSP; SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, Mobile DDR, Flash, HDD, SSD, Industrial NAND-Flash)
Interfaces and industrial IOs (PCIe, PCI, SATA, PS/2, USB, Firewire, PCMCIA, PCCard, J1850, RapidIO, …; RS232, RS422/485, CAN, DeviceNet, CAN Open, KNX, LON, Ethernet, Sercos, Powerlink, M-Bus, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT)
Touch screens and LCDs (LCD, VFD, STN, TFT, Dokunmatik: resistive, capacitive, multi-touch)
High frequency communication technologies (ISM430, ISM860, ISM2,4G, WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, …)
Analog technology, measurement, Signal pickups, signal amplification, signal processing
Optoelectronics, audio and video technologies (Camera systems, thermal camera applications, image recording units, autofocus, digitalization, image optimization, image processing, sound processing, spectrometer)
Power electronics / Power sources(Switching regulator, power supply units, inverters, charging devices)
Motor control (DC motor, brushless DC motor, AC motor, stepper motor)
Simulation (SPICE, HyperLinx, FDTD)

Embedded Software Design
Firmware software development
Operating system adaptation and driver development (BSP): Embedded Linux, VxWorks, FreeRTOS, Embedded Windows, Windows CE, QNX PikeOS
Windows, Linux based applications
C++, C#, QT, Python, Node.js based applications on embedded systems
Mobile applications (Android, iOS)
Safety critical applications for Industrial, medical, avionic and automotive sectors
Tools (ELDK, PTX-Dist, YOCTO, LTIB, Keil, Code Warrior, Workbench, Visual Studio, Qt Creator, GIT, Jira, Stash, VSS, Subversion; Enterprise Architect, Matlab Simulink; Bugzilla, Beyond Compare)
Qualification (Module and component tests, regression test, black box test, white box test , system tests)

Mechanical Design
Frame and complete system design
Drivers, motors
2D/3D Design
3D Simulation (Dynamic)
FEM power analysis
FEM thermal simulation
FEM fluid dynamics
Fast prototyping (3D print)
Professional ECAD interfaces

EMC measurement, EMI optimization, EMI consultancy

EMC consultancy
EMC concepts (power supply, filters,…)
EMC measurement
EMC cause analysis
EMC optimization
EMC simulation
Spurious emission, interference immunity
Far-field, near-field, grid-bound

Product Qualification
Functional tests, requirement tests
Tolerances, stability, signal compatibility, timing
Mechanical test, vibration and shock durability
Thermal control, temperature tests, enviromental tests (temperature, humidity)
EMC control
Reliability and obsolescence tests (HALT, HASS)
Enviroment protection requirements (REACh, RoHS, WEEE, EUP, BattG)
Certification (Equipment safety ,TÜV/GS, VDE, UL, medical product permit, aviation permit, shipping permit, automotive permit)

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Electronic Product Development References

Industrial applications: SPS controls, motor controls, machine protection systems, communication controllers, control cabinet monitoring systems, remote maintenance, laser controls, oven controls, …

Measurement, optoelectronics : Luster measurement devices, color measurement devices, optical sensors, camera systems, IR spectrometers, fingerprint scanners, …

Industrial PC, HMI: ColdFire, ARM, Power Architecture, x86 Architecture, …

Communication Applications: Industrial routers, mobile routers, data converters, data concentrators, …

Energy Applications: Environmental measuring probes, string boxes, smart metering, converters, uninterrupted power supply, …

Medical Devices: Screen electronics for computer tomographs, X-ray controls, controls for lithotripters, blood sample analysis equipment, dental mixing equipment and UV hardening equipment, plethysmography and angliography equipment, magnetic field treatment devices, blood pressure measuring equipment, camera systems, …

Avionic: Passenger service units, flight attendant panels, display units, communication controllers, power supply units, seat power modules, acceptance test boxes, …