Electronic Hardware Production Services

Electronic production service which is provided by our German partners TQ Group, utilizes modern machine and equipments on SMD, THT production fields and thus enables us to help our customers in both production of modules that we sell and support and also mass production of specialized boards our customers designed for their specific needs. For PCB production and composition we closely follow the recent technologies and keep our machinery and equipment up to date.

With our modern equipment we provide high quality production along with optimized production costs. The electronics design and production services that are provided by both Mist Elektronik and TQ Group and 5 production facilities under the TQ Group enable us to provide our customers with projects that are on-time, optimized and high quality. Our high number of production facilities supports any mass production projects our customers have.

Elektronik Donanım Üretim

Production Equipment

16 SMD Lines (12 million / day componenet composition performance)
10 THT Lines (wave soldering)
5 wave soldering machines
6 resin dispensing plants
2 Vapor phase soldering machine (Asscon)
AOI Systems (screen printer, SMD, THT)
4 X-Ray system (on track)


Modern manufacturing technologies (up to 01005)
High degree of flexibility
Process-driven quality assurance
7 Production facilities (6 in Germany, 1 in China)
16 SMD line
10 THT line
All our lines or RHOS compatible and support older technologies.
Manufacturing capabilities ranging from prototyping to mass production
Tracibility (materials, components, quality)

Elektronik Donanım Üretim

Production References

Electronic boards that have been manufactured in TQ Group production facilities range from large boards that use THT technology to high technology processor modules. List of some of the products that were manufactured in our facilities:

optical devices for medical applications
dentistry apparatus· operation microscopes
X-ray systems
computer thomograph
cabin control systems in aircraft
power supply in aircraft
exterior illumination of aircraft
temperature control systems for food on board aircraft
aeroplane turbines
marine Diesel engines
display systems at railway stations
ticket computers
smoke detectors in trains
industrial computers – e.g. built into forklift trucks
crane control units
color measurement devices
LED illumination systems
lightweight robots
central fire alarm systems
invertors for solar panel installations