Hardware Design Services

Requirement Analysis

You may have pre-defined specs or need consulting to determine the optimal solution,it doesn’t matter. We have the experience in a broad range of applications; commercial,industrial, medical and military. Having decided the standards, interfaces and otherrequirements (power, size, cost, schedule, etc.), we form a block diagram and jobdescription and review with you to finalize.

Schematic Design

With board specifications set, we start the design of schematics in Altium Designer. We pay special attention to keep schematics as simple and understandable as possible to ease your job. We are in continuous cooperation with our software team to not skip any
detail and fulfill all software requirements. At the end, we make a two-stage schematic review to avoid any mistake.

PCB LayoutDesign

As a company, we provide solutions for both simple and complex designs. First, a mechanical outline is formed by defining board shape, connector and mounting locations, height constraints and other limitations based on your feedback. Then we follow it with stack-up planning and routing. We choose the optimal stack-up to improve EMI performance while keeping cost in mind. A layout review is made at the end to ensure no detail is skipped that could hinder performance.

High Speed PCB Design

We have designed many boards with high-speed interfaces where controlled impedance, differential pairs and matched lengths come forward. Some of these interfaces are PCIe, SATA, LVDS, SDIO, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.1, HDMI, MIPI-CSI, etc. We also have
experience on wireless communication like GSM/LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Certification Compliancy

We offer customized solutions for different field of applications. Based on your requirements, we will provide you high reliability custom made boards compliant with Industrial, Medical or Military standards and more. Just specify the standards you need to meet, and we will handle the rest.