Medical Device Interface Software

Medical Device Interface Software is a high-performance platform developed for the purpose of supporting any medical device that needs a graphical user interface and built with Qt5 libraries and C++ language. The platform is developed to meet the needs of any device that requires modern interfaces and appealing visuals. Thus it’s highly modular and supports multiple hardware platforms. Due this high-modularity and platform independent qualities, we can deliver device interfaces quickly according to requirements provided to us by our customers

Hardware Platform

Medical Device Interface Software platform is developed in-house on a multi-core ARM Cortex-A9 based TQMa6x board and runs on an embedded Linux operating system. This hardware platform contains a 4 core Freescale IMX6 processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB eMMC, SD Card, RS232, RS485, 2xCAN Bus and 2xEthernet port. The device info can be read over RS232, RS485, CAN bus and Ethernet ports. Along with standard protocols we can also develop custom protocols according to our customer’s requirements. On this platform CPU usage is restricted to one core and has an average of 2% CPU utilization. Due to being optimized for low CPU usage our platform can be run on a wide scale of processors ranging from ARM9 to ARM Cortext-A9 family. Moreover our software platform was tested on Intel processors and both Windows and Linux enviroments and observed to be independent of hardware platform.

Medikal Cihaz Arayüz Yazılımı
Medikal Cihaz Arayüz Yazılımı

Basic Features

– Linux operating system customized according to customer requirements
– High performance software platform developed with QT5 libraries and C++ language
– Serial port data communication (RS232, RS422, RS485)
– Ethernet data communication
– CAN bus data communication
– Custom visuals support (Temperature, humidity, pressure data)
– Dynamic user interface
– Database support (SqLite)

Advanced Features

– Language support for non-Latin and right-to-left languages (Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic…)
– Data display with various units (Celcius, Fahrenheit, Bar…)
– Modern minimalist design
– Custom animations
– Graphics and charts intended for displaying medical device data

Medical Device Interface Software Sample Images

Medikal Cihaz Arayüz Yazılımı

Medical Device Interface Software Sample Videos

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