PowerPC Based Media Server

PowerPC based media server application project was developed by MIST Elektronik engineering team on a Freescale QorIQ™ based PowerPC module TQMP2020 to serve as an example for our customers that use PowerPC systems for media server applications used in industrial envoriments such as Flight Entertainment Systems and In-Car Entertainment systems. Employing a multi-threaded structure and efficient network utilization the system is designed to make the optimum use of the processors and the network interfaces on the board. While being a web based system our media server can both utilize RTSP and HTTP protocols transfering audio/video files and has the ability to stream to browsers along with usability over third party APIs. The backend of the media server is developed using C++ while the web server is coded in Python and the front end is developed with Angular.js. Due to its modern design the media server is compatible with any application you develop making use of HTTP APIs and any browser with HTML5 support.

PowerPC Media Sunucu
PowerPC İşlemci Kartı

Hardware Platform

TQMP2020 PowerPC Processor Module
Freescale QorIQ™ based dual-core P2020 processor
3x Gigabit Ethernet port
2x PCIe port
USB 2.0
RS232 with Galvanic isolation
RS 485 with Galvanic isolation

Software Platform

Custom compiled Linux operating system
RTSP/HTTP media server coded in C++
Web server coded in Python
Web based user interface with Angular.js (Single page design)
Support for different formats (H264, MPEG4, MPEG-2, MP3)
Ability to play audio/video in web browsers
HTML5 compatible design
Access over network to file server
Ability to read media from SD Cards
Web based control panel (Adding new media, editing and removing)
Hardware platform access over web
System information access over web (CPU usage, memory usage, network etc.)

PowerPC Media Sunucusu

PowerPC Based Media Server Images and Videos

PowerPC Media Sunucusu
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