QT Design and Development Support

Qt Cross Platfrom Software Framework

QT5 is cross platform framework that enables developers to build applications that are platform independent. A code base written with QT needs no to very little change even if the build environment doesn’t match the deployment environment in terms of hardware and/or software.

QT comes with various tools to help ease cross platform development. Qt Creator is a fully fledged IDE that supports cross compilation, batch build operations and deployement. Among its integrated tools, QT Designer is a straightforward design tool that speeds up the graphical design process.

QT is build upon C++ and latetly QML. C++ allows a competent developer can sequeeze out every drop of performance from a hardware platform. This performance advantage becomes even more evident in low-end CPUs. At Mist Elektronik, we use this advantage to develop custom tailored graphical interfaces that are smooth and visually appealing. QML on the other hand is used when custom animations, particle effects are needed and speeds up the design process.

QT5 QT Embedded Interface
QT5 QT Embedded Interface

Embedded Software with QT5

Graphical user interfaces are parts that are in direct interaction with the customers. Along with industrial design, GUIs are the essential parts of a device that impress the customers, thus they need to be designed with attention to detail and must be compatible with modern technology. An interface can be a touch-screen display, an LCD monitor or a web interface. We have deep experience and various solutions with all these interfaces.

For LCD monitors and touch-screen displays we use QT framework to develop GUIs. For your embedded Linux devices we design and develop desktop quality interfaces. As Mist Elektronik we build custom graphical user interfaces and applications tailored to fit exactly with our customers requirements. With the portable nature of QT and high performance of C++ we provide desktop, mobile and console applications along with embedded user interfaces and applications.

Advantages of using QT

– Portable; runs on various operating systems and processor architectures.
– Windows, Linux, QNX…
– ARM, Intel, PowerPC…
– Allows custom designed animations and responsive controls.
– High performance with C++ and QML. Runs smoothly even in low end CPUs.
– Easy language support.
– QT is not only a GUI framework. Supports networking, serial communication, OpenGL etc.

QT Embedded Interface