Software & BSP Design

Embedded Linux BSP

We are experts on Embedded Linux BSP development and have experience on various architectures and processor families. From PowerPC to ARM architecture, we deliver BSP solutions and develop all necessary drivers for your embedded linux boards. We
developed high speed interface drivers such as PCIE devices, Ethernet PHYs, Gigabit Switches and custom drivers for avionics and military communication interfaces for sensitive industries.

Yocto Build System

We use Yocto build system mainly for our BSP development projects. We create our own image types, application recipes and do configurations for needed libraries and external drivers. Customers can create their development and deployment images with a single command. Additionally, we optimize all components of the BSP package from bootloader to filesystem to deliver best quality for our customers.

Boot Time Optimization

We can achieve millisecond level boot times for time critical application scenarios. All
integrated into Yocto build system, we optimize all of the BSP components for speed, u-boot bootloader, Linux kernel, device trees and filesystems, to reach desired boot times. Even applications with GPU features and displays are built for booting in a second.

Multimedia & Streaming Applications

Our main framework for multimedia and video applications is Gstreamer. We can create your next multimedia application with industry standard Gstreamer framework. We can develop custom Gstreamer plugins and Gstreamer based C++ applications optimized for chosen processor architecture. With the help of hardware video encoder/decoders and our custom RTP/RTSP server/client software components, we can reach below 250 msecs video streaming latencies.

Edge Analytics Optimization

After edge analytics become available with launch of NVIDIA Jetson processors, we delivered custom software platforms for deployment of deep learning applications. With the help of TensorRT framework, we optimize your deep neural network models to run on NVIDIA Jetson processors with maximum performance. Distributed computing applications to distribute computing jobs to edge analytics nodes, optimizing their performance and gathering the results, we are experienced for complete solutions.